Spell Check

You can set Word to check your spelling as you type or you can manually run the spell check to find possible errors in your document.  To ensure that your spelling is corrected as you type, click on the Tools drop-down menu and choose Options. Now click on the Spelling  & Grammar tab and you will see the options you can set as below:

If spelling is checked as you type, misspelled words will be underlined in red. To correct a word, hold down your right mouse button over the underlined word and you should see possible corrections at the top of the menu that appears as below:

To run a full spell check you can either choose Spelling from the menu shown above or click on the Tools drop-down menu and choose Spelling and Grammar or press the F7 key.  As you check the spelling Word finds possible errors and may suggest corrections. If Word does not suggest corrections, click on the Options tab and ensure that there is a tick in the box beside ‘Always suggest corrections’ as in the top firgure above.

The window shown above also allows you to customise how grammar is checked and to choose a custom dictionary for words you want to add to Word’s dictionary (e.g. your company name or town if it is not in a normal dictionary). 

As Word checks through your document the errors will be displayed in the top part of the window shown below and possible corrections in the bottom. To choose a word that has been suggested, highlight it as below and click the Change button.  Word will carry on checking through your document until it has reached the end or you click the Cancel button.

If a word is found that is not in the dictionary such as emoticon you can use the Add button during the spell check to add it to your custom dictionary. You can also choose to ignore either just the one instance of a word or ignore it all the way through the rest of the spell check.  If you know you have misspelled something several times in a document you can use the Change All button to correct all the other instances of it at once.

When you have finished spell checking your document you will not be able to run the spell check again from the Tools menu, it will just tell you that Word has finished checking the document as it will continue ignoring any misspelled words you have previously ignored.  To run the spell check again you will need to click on the Tools menu, choose Options and click on the Recheck Document button under the Spelling & Grammar tab.