Inserting Pictures

It is often useful to be able to put a picture or graphic in your text, this may be your company logo or you may want to use some of Word’s clip art images to liven up a newsletter.  Pictures can be inserted either in the middle of a sentence or on a new line so that they line up with the edge of the paper.  You can choose to wrap your text around the picture or leave blank space beside it.

To insert a picture, click on the Insert drop-down menu and choose Picture.  You can now choose the type of picture to insert from the sub-menu that appears as below:

The From File option allows you to select a graphics file (e.g. one ending in .jpg, .gif, .bmp, etc) from your hard disk, if you select the Clip Art option you can choose from a library of Word’s clip art images as shown below:

If you click on one of the categories you will be able to choose a picture to insert in your document.  When you click on a picture, a menu appears as below.


When you have inserted a picture into your text you can resize  it by clicking on it so that the black ‘handles’ appear around it. Click and hold your mouse down on one of these handles and stretch the picture to the size you want.  The corners will stretch in two directions at once and the top and side handles will stretch only vertically or horizontally.  Your picture will stretch in steps as you drag it out because it 'snaps' to an imaginary grid, if you want to size it precisely in small increments you can hold down the Alt key as you drag it to prevent it snapping to the grid.


When have finished resizing your picture, click anywhere in your text and the handles will disappear. 

Pictures can be aligned using the left, centre and right align icons just as you do with text.