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Keep Lines Together

Sometimes when you are typing a list in Word it splits over 2 pages, you could rectify this by placing a page break before the list but this may make a strange break in your text if you later change the pagination or add or remove text to/from your document.  To force Word to keep your list all on the same page you should highlight the whole list except the last line and then click on the Format drop-down menu and choose Paragraph.  Click on the Lines and Page Breaks tab at the top of the window and then click to place a tick in the Keep lines together and Keep with next boxes.

This will ensure that each line in the list is kept with the next line (that is why you should not highlight the last line) and all the lines are kept together.  This facility can also be useful for keeping labels with images and tables and keeping section headings with the following paragraph.  The 'keep lines together' and 'keep with next' settings can be applied to images as well as normal text.