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Indenting Text and Graphics

If you want a certain portion of text or a picture to stand out from the rest of your document you could indent  it.  Text can be indented from either the left margin or the right margin or both at once. There are two icons for simple indenting,  increases the amount of indentation.  If you want more control over the indentation and if you want to create a hanging indent or indent from both margins you will need to use the Format drop-down menu and choose Paragraph.

This window above shows the settings for a paragraph that is indented from both margins by 2 cm and there is an additional hanging indent of 1.3 cm. The paragraph has also been justified. The diagram at the bottom of the window gives you a preview of how the text will look, here is a piece of text making use of hanging  indents: 


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The first line of the paragraph after the number 1 is positioned with a tab stop, the hanging indent is then lined up with this tab stop. If you do not format a paragraph like this using hanging indents you will have to press Enter at the end of each line and this will prevent you justifying the paragraph and will lose the benefits of word wrap. You can also hold down CTRL + M together to indent your text and CTRL + T together to create a hanging indent.  CTRL + SHIFT + M held together will decrease an indent and CTRL + SHIFT + T held together will decrease a hanging indent.

If a picture is in the middle of a sentence then it will be moved with the text as you indent it. Pictures that are on a line by themselves can be indented by using the increase and decrease indent icons.

When an indent has been set you can adjust it using the sliders on the ruler but take care doing this as you may move the wrong text if your cursor is not in the correct paragraph at the time.

It is a good idea to use the paragraph formatting window to set and adjust your indents as you can see the exact values being used and can check they are equal but the keyboard combinations provide a good, quick way of indenting using the pre-set tab stops.