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Headers and Footers

Headers and Footers are used to insert information that can appear on every page of your document at the top (header) or bottom (footer) of the page.  This is useful for adding page numbers to your document or adding a report heading.

To edit the headers and footers click on the View drop-down menu and choose Header and Footer.  The headers and footers toolbar appears and your cursor is placed in the header.

The icons on the standard Header and Footer toolbar are as follows:

You may want to hide the document text while you are editing the header to prevent it from distracting you.  You can type in the header and footer areas and can also insert pictures just as you would in the body of your document.

If you want to enter page numbers  you can either just click on the Insert Page Number icon on the toolbar while your cursor is in the header or footer or, if you do not want to display the header/footer, you can click on the Insert drop-down menu and choose Page Numbers.