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Format Painter

If you want to format text in one paragraph with the same style as that in another you can use the Format Painter .  There are two types of formatting you can copy, just the text formatting of the characters in that paragraph or the paragraph formatting of the whole paragraph.  To copy the paragraph formatting you need to highlight the whole paragraph from start to finish, to copy text formatting just highlight any piece of text.

When you have selected the paragraph or text, click on the Format Painter icon and then highlight the text or paragraph you want to apply the format to.  As soon as you have finished highlighting the style will be applied.

Clicking the Format Painter icon once only allows you to apply the copied style to one item at a time.  If you double-click the Format Painter icon you can apply the copied style to several pieces of text one after the other, just click the Format Painter icon to turn it off when you have finished.

You can also use the F4 function key to re-apply the last formatting you applied, if you have just formatted some text to be bold you can highlight another piece of text and press F4 and that text will be made bold as well.  F4 is particularly useful when formatting drawing objects as you can re-apply formats such as shading, borders, etc with just one key press.