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Footnote and endnotes can be used to annotate your document and add extra information.  They are marked by small references in the text such as * or 1 and the relevant note is placed at the bottom of the page containing the mark for a footnote or at the end of the document for an endnote.

To add a footnote, click to place your cursor at the point where you want to place the note mark and then click on Insert -> Footnote.

Check that Footnote is selected and select whether you want to use numbered footnotes or an alternative symbol, e.g. *.  When you click OK you will see your footnote appear at the bottom of the page.

If you accidentally created a footnote when you wanted an endnote (or vice-versa) then you can highlight the footnote (or endnote) and click your right mouse button over the highlighted note.  A menu appears and you can select Convert to Endnote (or Convert to Endnote) from the menu that appears.  Hint:  A quick way to select the whole paragraph for the note is to triple-click your left mouse button on the paragraph.

Endnotes are placed in a block underneath the last paragraph of the document, if you have both footnotes and endnotes in your document then Word will use different numbering styles, e.g. 1, 2, 3.. and i, ii, iii... to distinguish them.  If you later add extra footnotes or endnotes to your document Word will automatically adjust the numbering to keep them consecutive.

To delete a footnote or endnote you can just delete the footnote or endnote mark representing that footnote/endnote in the document text.  The related footnote or endnote text will also be deleted and the remaining footnotes/endnotes will automatically be renumbered.