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When you type in text it will be automatically be formatted in the typeface defined by the Normal style.  If you want your text to look different you can change the font (typeface), font style (e.g. bold) and size to different settings.  If you have already entered the text you want to change you should highlight it with your cursor, the highlighted text appears white on a black background.  If you want the new settings to apply to any text you type from that point on you can position your cursor at the point you want the change to occur and make the changes, any new text you type will be in the new typeface.

Some example fonts are shown below:

Rockwell 10       

System 12       

Brittanic Bold 14     

Forte 12

The actual fonts you have available will depend on your printer and the software you have installed.

To access the font settings, highlight your text or ensure your cursor is in the correct position, click on the Format drop-down menu and choose Font.  A window appears as below:

Notice the Effects boxes that have been ticked, an example of the resulting typeface is shown at the bottom of the window.  If the size of font you want is not available in the scrolling list then you can type a value (e.g. 13) in the box underneath the label Size.  If you want to change the colour of your text you can choose a colour from the Font color box, if an Underline style is chosen then you will also be given the choice of an underlining colour.

The Default button will set your default font when you create a new blank document to the settings you have chosen in this window, you will be given a warning message before you accept this as you may accidentally click this button and will not want to lose your default settings if you are happy with them.

When you are happy with your new font settings, click the OK button and your text will be changed.  You can also change the font and size using the drop-down boxes on the top toolbars of your Word window.  However, it is better to use the Format menu if you want full customisation of your fonts as not all features are available from a simple toolbar item.