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Starting Word

To start Word, either click on the Word icon on your Windows desktop or use the Start button to find the Microsoft Word program, it may be under a Microsoft Office item on the menu.

When you start Word you are automatically placed in a new, blank document where you can type your text.

Your text is entered at the insertion point as you type, in a large document you can use the scroll bars and previous and next page buttons to quickly move around the document.

There are two modes in which you can enter text – insert and overwrite.  If you find you are replacing text already on the page as you type, press the Insert button on your keyboard to change back to Insert mode.  The text 'wraps' around the page as you type, this is called 'word-wrap'.  At the end of a paragraph you should press the Enter key twice to leave a blank line and start a new paragraph on a new line.  Do not press Enter at the end of every line or formatting functions such as text alignment will not work.

Word is a WYSIWYG word processor – this stands for

W hat
Y ou
S ee
I s
W hat
Y ou
G et

If you already have a document on screen you will need to start a new document to get a fresh clean screen to type on.

You can start a new document by clicking on the New Document icon or by clicking on the File drop-down menu and choosing New when you will see the window below:

You can use the New Document window to create a blank document or to choose a standard document or template.  To access the templates you should click on the appropriate tab at the top of the window.  Click the OK button when you have found the type of document you require.

You can now type your text and print your document, don’t forget to save your work!