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Using Cut, Copy and Paste

One of the very useful features of word processors is the ability to move and copy text to another place in the same document or to a different document, this saves you having to re-type pages of text and helps if you change your mind about the order in which you want to present information.

Text is moved around using the Cut, Copy  and Paste  operations. There are icons for these functions on the standard toolbar and you can also use CTRL key shortcuts to carry out the same operations:  

Cut CTRL + X
Copy CTRL + C
Paste   CTRL + V

You should use the Copy operation if you want to leave the copied text where it is and place another copy of it elsewhere, use the Cut operation to move text from one place to another.

To cut or copy text, highlight the text you want to move with your cursor and then click on the appropriate icon or press the appropriate CTRL key combination.  You can also select these operations by clicking on the Edit drop-down menu or if you click your right mouse button over the highlighted text you can select Cut, Copy or Paste from the menu that appears.  If you have cut the text it will be removed from your document but is still stored on the Clipboard. Now move your cursor to the position where you want to place the copied or cut text, click at the point where you want it inserted and then click the Paste icon, your text will now appear in the new position.

It is also possible to copy pictures in your document using these operations and you can copy whole chunks of your document including text and pictures.

Cut or copied objects are stored on the clipboard until you paste them.  If you use the clipboard when copying and pasting you can paste the same objects over and over again.