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Using the Clipboard

If you want to copy several items at once, Word stores them on the Clipboard. If you cut or copy more than one item, even if you paste in between, you should see the Clipboard  appear.  To display the Clipboard manually you can click on the View drop-down menu and choose Toolbars and then Clipboard or you can press CTRL + C twice.  The Clipboard can hold a maximum of 12 items, if you copy more than this Word will ask if you want to discard the first item on the clipboard to make room for the latest one.  The clipboard shows the copied items as a series of icons, if you hover over an icon a box appears telling you what that copied item is.  An example of the Clipboard is shown below:

To paste an item from the Clipboard, make sure your cursor is in the position in your text where you want it pasted, hover over the icons to find the item you want to paste and then click the icon to paste it.  You can use the Clipboard to rearrange text in a document, if you wanted to select certain paragraphs in order to make a new piece of text you could copy or cut them onto the Clipboard in order and then click the Paste All button at the top of the Clipboard to paste everything on the Clipboard at the point where you cursor is. If your Clipboard becomes overloaded and you want to clear it, click on the Clear Clipboard icon  at the top of the Clipboard.

You can copy the items in the Clipboard to another Word document or even to another application. To copy to another word document, open that document so that it appears in a separate window and then click in the document where you want to paste the item as you would normally. Donít forget to save the document when you have changed it, you can go back to your original document afterwards by clicking on that window in your taskbar.

The Cut, Copy and Paste operations are also available on the Edit drop-down menu. There are additional features to paste items that will update if they change in another document or to paste something as a hyperlink, these will be covered as more advanced topics.