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Adding Captions and Cross-References

If you are producing a document with lots of sequentially numbered figures then you can use Word’s caption facility to label them for you. If you are labelling a graphic you can add a caption by clicking your right mouse button on the picture and choosing Caption  from the menu that appears.  A window appears as below where you can enter the text for the caption.

Click OK when you have entered the text and your caption will be placed alongside your figure.  You can also add captions by using the Insert drop-down menu and choosing Caption, this enters the caption in a text box so you can label areas of text in your document.  

When you have created captions you can insert extra figures in between and Word will automatically update the numbering of the captions for you. You can also use Word’s cross-referencing facility to enter references to your captions in your document so that your document can be easily updated if you change the numbering of your captions.

To add a cross-reference, make sure your mouse is at the point in your text where you want the cross-reference to appear.  Click on the Insert drop-down menu and choose Cross-Reference, a window will appear where you can choose the reference you want to display and how you want it to appear.

You should change the Reference type box to Figure if you are looking for labels to figures.  If you want text like 'Figure 92' to appear in your document you should set the Insert reference to: box to Only label and number otherwise the whole description of the figure will appear.  If you leave the Insert as hyperlink box ticked readers using an electronic version of your document will be able to click on the cross-reference to jump to the figure diagram.

If you add extra figures earlier on in your document you will need to get Word to update the numbering.  To do this press CTRL + A to select the whole document and then click your right mouse button over the highlighted text.  Select Update Field from the menu that appears.

A window appears asking what you want to update, click to place a bullet beside Update Entire Table and click OK, your figure numbers and cross-references will now be updated.