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If you click on the Tools drop-down menu and choose AutoCorrect  you can set Word to automatically correct common typing errors such as failure to put a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence.  If you have AutoCorrect turned on but it is causing you problems when you are trying to enter text that would not be recognised as proper English you can use this window to turn off AutoCorrect. 

AutoCorrect also allows you to set up special key combinations to enter special characters, for example the combination :( will give you a sad emoticon L.

If you use special symbols a lot you can set up your own key combinations for them. First, insert the symbol in your document using the Insert drop-down menu and Symbol and choose the symbol you want, clicking Insert to use it.

When you have inserted the symbol in your text, highlight it and click on the Tools drop-down menu and choose AutoCorrect.  Your symbol will appear in the With box in the middle of the screen and you can enter your own key combination in the Replace box.  In our example above we have used (env) to enter an envelope symbol.

If you have set Word to automatically correct two initial capitals to just one you may want to make some exceptions. Click on the Exceptions button and you can enter words to be ignored in the Initial Caps section of the window. Type the word in the box at the top of the window shown below and click the Add button to add it to the list of ignored words.