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Starting Word
Saving a Document
Printing a Document
Opening an Existing Document
Page Setup
Changing Font
Text Alignment
Emphasising Text - Bold, italic, underline
Headers and Footers
Using the Format Painter
Using Cut, Copy and Paste
Using the Clipboard
Spell Check
Grammar Check
Line Spacing
Indenting Text
Widows and Orphans
Keep Together
Creating a Bulletted List
Creating a Numbered List
Changing Bullets
Changing Numbering
Inserting Pictures
Wrapping Text around Pictures
Adding a Page Border
Using Autoshapes
Drawing Organisation and Flow Charts
Using WordArt
Rotating Objects
Adding a Watermark
Using Captions and Cross References
Sorting Text
Creating a Table
Adding Borders and Shading to Tables
Using Formulas in Tables
Converting Text to a Table
Setting Tab Stops
The Database Toolbar
Creating HTML e-Mails in Word
Attaching a Word Document to an e-Mail
Saving a Word Document as a Web Page
Creating and Using Bookmarks
Creating Hyperlinks
Force a New Page
Create Columns
Using Section Breaks
Section Headers and Footers
Creating a Form
Creating a Drop-Down Field
Using Radio Buttons
Creating a Template
Using the Mail Merge Wizard
Viewing Document Outline
Master and Sub-Documents
Footnotes and Endnotes
Creating a Table of Contents
Creating an Index
Tracking Document Revisions
Accepting Revisions
Adding Comments
Saving Versions
Setting Word's Options
General Options
File Location Options
Edit Options
Print Options
Save Options
Spelling Options
Track Changes Options
User Information Options
View Options


Starting Excel
The Excel Screen
Columns, Rows and Cells
Moving Around the Spreadsheet
Splitting the Worksheet
Freezing Panes
Opening New Windows
Saving a Workspace
Entering Data
Using a Data Entry Form
Using AutoFill
Speeding Up Data Entry
Renaming Worksheets
Adding and Deleting Extra Worksheets
Changing the Order of Worksheets
Inserting and Deleting Columns and Rows
Hiding Columns and Rows
Editing Data
Saving a Spreadsheet
Page Setup
Print Preview
Page Breaks
Repeating Row or Column Headings
Printing Gridlines
Printing a Spreadsheet
Opening an Existing Spreadsheet
Changing Column Width and Row Height
Shrinking Cell Contents
Aligning Cell Contents
Wrapping Text
Merging Cells
Using Styles
Changing Text Direction
Adding Borders and Shading
Conditional Formatting
Adding Comments
Inserting Pictures
Date and Time Format
Percentage Format
Fraction Format
Scientific Format
Text Format
Special Formats
Custom Format
Months, Days and Years
Hours, Minutes and Seconds
Currency Symbols
Scientific Notation
Adding Characters
Text Section
Adding Space
Repeating Characters
Using Formulas
Precedence of Operators
Reference Operators
Viewing Formulas
Numeric Precision
Numeric Range
Error Numbers
Built-In Formulas and Functions
Precision of Results
Entering Formulas into Cells
Copying Formulas
Absolute and Relative References
Using Range Names
IF Functions
Using Lookup Tables
Conditional Aggregate Functions
Splitting Cell Entries
Sorting Data
Custom Lists
Filtering Data
Importing Data
Importing from a Database
Importing from the World Wide Web
Database Functions
Outlining Data
Adding Sub-Totals
Special Copying Features
Copying only Visible Cells
Moving Cells
Pivot Tables
Pivot Charts
Circular References
Data Validation
Data Consolidation
Goal Seek
Using Solver
Scenario Summary
Adding a Scroll Bar
Password Protection
Graphs and Charts
Creating Charts
The Chart Toolbar
Setting Up Axes
Data Labels
Data Table
Changing Background
Formatting Chart Text
Adding Items to a Chart
Adding Data Series
Smoothing Lines
Dealing with Missing Data
Changing the Axes and Scales
Adding a Secondary Axis
Changing Chart Type
Using Pictures in Charts
Changing Chart Location
Adding Trendlines
Formatting Pie Charts
Bar-of-Pie and Pie-of-Pie Charts
Changing Perspective for 3D Charts

Starting Access
Creating a Table
Creating a Primary Key
Data Types
Entering Data
Creating a Form
Creating Simple Queries
Creating a Table
Creating a Form
Creating a Menu Form
Creating Simple Queries
Creating Simple Reports
Simple Searches
Sorting Data
Filtering Data
Password Protecting a Database
The Access Password
The Database Password
Relationships Explained
Creating a Join
Adding a Subdatasheet to a Table
Forms and Subforms
Creating Drop-Down Controls

  Starting PowerPoint
Using the AutoContent Wizard
Using a Design Template
Starting with a Blank Presentation
The PowerPoint Screen
Selecting Slides
Changing Views
Editing Slides
Adding a New Slide
Saving your Presentation
Closing a Presentation
Creating a New Presentation
Opening an Existing Presentation
Closing PowerPoint
Changing the Format of your Slides
Copying Formats to Other Objects
Bullets and Numbering
Formatting Bullets
Changing Bullet and Numbering Levels
Using the Drawing Tools
Changing the Colour of a Shape
Changing Line Thickness and Colour
Adding Arrow Heads to Lines
Using 3-D Effects
Adding Text to Objects
Aligning Drawing Objects
Grouping Drawing Objects
Rotating Autoshapes
Using Slide Masters
The Slide Master
The Title Master
Creating a Design Template
Applying a Colour Scheme
Customising a Colour Scheme
Changing the Slide Background
Creating a Table
Creating a Chart
Creating an Organisation Chart
Creating a Flow Chart
Copying Slides
Moving Slides
Deleting Slides
Adding Slides from Other Presentations
Creating a Presentation from a Word Document Outline
Creating a Summary Slide
Creating Hyperlinks
Adding Sound to the Whole Presentation
Adding a Movie
Using Action Buttons
Adding Custom Animations
The Animation Toolbar
Animating Charts
Slide Transition Effects
Build Effects
Notes and Handouts
Printing Speaker's Notes and Handouts
Setting Up Presentations
Rehearsing Slide Timings
Creating a Custom Show
Using Pack and Go
Unpacking a Presentation
Showing your Presentation
The Slide Navigator
Browsing by Title
Using the Meeting Minder

  Using Outlook
Setting up an e-mail Account
Setting up a News Account
Using e-mail
Reading an e-mail
Replying to a message
Forwarding an e-mail
Deleting e-mails
Creating a New e-mail
Setting Urgency
Checking Spelling
Creating a Signature
Setting Flags
Attaching a file to an e-mail
Obtaining Receipts for Messages
Dangers of e-mail
Hoax Messages
Understanding Outlook Folders
Customising Folder Views
Using Contacts
Sending a Contact to another person
Receiving Contacts from others
Creating a Distribution List
Using Contacts to Track Communications
Using Notes
Sending Notes by e-mail
Printing Notes
Using the Calendar
Adding an Appointment
Editing an Appointment
Setting Reminders
Recurring Appointments
Setting the Working Week
Setting Time Slot Sizes
Using the Meeting Planner
Using Tasks
Creating Tasks
Printing Tasks
Recurring Tasks
Allocating Tasks to Others
Organising Outlook
Creating a Personal Folders File
Adding Sub-folders
Moving Items to the Personal Folders File
Using Rules
The Out of Office Assistant
Sharing your Outlook Folders
Creating Posts
Setting up Archiving
AutoArchive Settings