Creating a Presentation from a Word Document Outline

When you are planning your presentation you can make a list of headings and points in Word and then format this in such a way that PowerPoint will be able to create a presentation from it.

To create the Word Outline  for a presentation, format the slide title points with the Heading1 style and format anything that you want bulleted with the Heading2 style (the styles can be found in a drop-down box next to the fonts on the Formatting Toolbar).   To help you see the hierarchy of your document in Word, click on the View drop-down menu and choose Outline to display the document outline as below. 

Save your Word document and start PowerPoint, choose a new, blank presentation but do not insert any slides at all.  Now click on the Insert drop-down menu and choose Slides from Outline. Browse for your Word document and select it, PowerPoint will then import the document and create a slide structure from it.  The example below shows PowerPoint’s presentation outline created from the Word document outline shown above. 

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