PowerPoint Views

At the bottom of the Outline Pane you will see some icons that allow you to change your PowerPoint view:

You can also change to these views using the View drop-down menu, this menu contains an additional view, the Notes Page view.

Here is a description of the various views and their uses:

Slide View

This shows you an individual slide as it will look in the final presentation, you can modify the formatting of the slide and add pictures, movies, etc while in this view.

Outline View

The Outline shows you the main headings and indented sub-headings of your slide content, this view can be useful when deciding on the content of your slides.  You can edit the text on the slides in the Outline, e.g. add extra bullet points, and with the Outlining toolbar you can change the level for sub-headings and bullet points.

Slide Sorter View

This view shows you a miniature of each slide in the order they will appear in the presentation. You can use the slide sorter to change the order of the slides and can also set slide transition effects in this view but cannot edit the slide content in this view.

Slide Show

Slide Show enables you to view your presentation as a Slide Show on your PC.

Notes Page View

This view shows you a small version of the slide together with the speaker’s notes area where you can type any comments you want to save with your presentation to assist the person delivering it. These notes can be printed out separately later on. 

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