Unpacking a Presentation

When you have packed a presentation to your laptop you then need to unpack  it so that the associated files will be installed on your laptop, you should be connected to your network while you do this or PowerPoint will not have access to all the movies, sound files, etc that it may need. 

To unpack your presentation, open Windows Explorer (press your Windows Key   and the letter E together) and navigate your way to the folder containing the packed presentation on your laptop.  You will see a file called pngsetup in this folder. 

To unpack your presentation, make sure you are connected to your network and double-click on the pngsetup file to run it. Click in the Destination Folder box and enter a folder where you want to extract the presentation to, make sure this is on the C:\ drive. You cannot use a folder name longer than 8 letters.

If you do not already have a folder with this name on your laptop you will be asked if you want to create it, click OK.

PowerPoint will now extract your presentation, be patient and wait for it to finish as it may take a while.  Make sure you are connected to the network while the unpacking takes place.

When PowerPoint has finished unpacking your presentation you will be asked if you want to run it straight away.  If you click No, you will be able to navigate to the folder you unpacked the presentation to using Windows Explorer and double-click the file to run it from there. 

Here is the unpacked presentation folder, we can run the presentation by double-clicking on the file called computer. Notice all the associated sound and movie files that have been copied to this folder, we would have had difficulty putting the whole presentation into a single folder like this if we had not had Pack and Go to help us!

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