Slide Transitions

As well as animating the individual components of each slide, you can also choose to animate the way in which the whole slide appears.  As well as setting the type of slide transition, you can also set how long the slide appears for. To set a slide transition you must be in Slide Sorter view, the Slide Sorter toolbar should be visible, if it is not, click on the View drop-down menu and then choose Toolbars and then Slide Sorter

Click the Transition icon on the Slide Sorter toolbar  and you will see the slide transition window.

You can use the drop-down list at the top left of the window to choose a type of transition, a preview of the transition will be shown where the picture of the key is above the list.  At the bottom of the list there is a Random Transition option which will randomly select any of the listed transitions to apply to your slide.  You can also set a slow, medium or fast speed for this transition. 

You can also set how long the slide should be displayed before it advances automatically, in the example above the slide will advance either when the mouse button is clicked or after 20 seconds if the mouse has not been clicked. 

Click the Apply button to apply this transition to only the slide you have selected or click Apply to All so that all slides will have the same transition as this.

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