Adding a Sound to the Whole Presentation

If you want to have some background music playing continuously in your presentation it is best to insert it as a sound object on the first slide you want the sound to appear and then set that sound to play for the required number of slides.  The only problem is that when you insert a sound object it is displayed as a small speaker icon on your slide. If you don’t want this to spoil the look of your presentation you have to remove it by dragging the icon to the very edge of the slide where it will not display or resizing it until it is virtually invisible (although this makes it harder to find the icon if you need to delete it later).

To add a sound, click on the Insert drop-down menu and choose Movies and Sounds and then Sound from file or Play CD audio  track.  If you are using a sound file you will be asked whether you want the sound to play automatically, you should choose Yes if you want continuous music. 

If you choose to insert a track from a CD you will see a window where you can choose the track numbers to start and end at, you do not need to insert the actual CD while you do this but you will need the CD inserted while you deliver the presentation.  If you tick the Loop until stopped box you can make just one track repeat itself until you have stopped the sound.

When you click OK, a sound icon will appear on your slide. You should drag this over to one side of the slide so that it appears off the edge, it will not now be visible in your presentation. To set the duration of the sound, click your right mouse button on the sound icon and choose Custom animation. Click on the Multimedia Settings section and put a bullet beside Continue slide show in the While playing section so that your slides keep appearing while the sound plays. If you are going to show a movie in your presentation you can stop the sound after a certain number of slides so that the movie sound will not be interfered with.

To keep the sound playing over and over again, click on the More Options button and click in the Loop until stopped box to insert at tick. If you have set your sound to stop after a certain number of slides you can restart it by adding a new sound icon to the slide where you want the sound to appear again.  Remember that if you are going to add slide from a CD then you must put that CD in the computer while you are showing the presentation, this is obviously no good if you are sending your presentation to somebody by else and they do you not have the same CD.

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