Saving a Presentation

Before you close a presentation it is important to save it so you do not lose all your hard work. Even though a presentation may consist of many components such as pictures, sounds, speaker’s notes, handouts, etc they are all saved in one file.  This file will have the extension .ppt after the filename, if you receive a file attached to an e-mail and it has the ending .ppt then you know you can open it in PowerPoint.


To save  your presentation, click on the File drop-down menu and choose Save or click on the Save icon , a window will appear where you can navigate to your file storage area and enter a name for the file.

When you have entered a name, click the Save button and your presentation will be saved.  Now if you make any more changes you can just click the Save icon again to re-save the presentation over the top of the original one.

If you want to save a presentation with a different name, click on the File menu and choose Save As  instead of Save, this will give you the opportunity to choose a new name and/or location for your presentation.

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