Delivering your Presentation

Before you deliver your presentation for real you should check the timings using the rehearsal facility and watch the presentation yourself to check that it displays in the way you expect.

To run the presentation, open it in PowerPoint and then either click on the View drop-down menu and choose Slide Show or click on the Slide Show View icon or press the F5 key.  The presentation will display full-screen or in a window depending on how you have set it up and any background music will play.

To advance to the next slide you can either:

  • click your left mouse button or

  • press the letter N for ‘Next’ or

  • press the right cursor arrow or

  • press the down cursor arrow or

  • press the Page Up key

To go back to the previous slide you can either:

  • press the letter P for ‘Previous’ or

  • press the left cursor arrow or

  • press the up cursor arrow or

  • press the Page Down key

Obviously, if you have put action buttons on your slides you could use these to go backwards and forwards instead.

If you want to jump straight to the last slide of the show at any point you can press the End key, pressing the Home key takes you back to the first slide.

To finish your slide show, press the Escape key.

If you want more control of your slide show, such as being able to jump to a specified slide or to change the mouse pointer you can bring up a menu while you are presenting the show.  To do this, either click your right mouse button or hover your mouse around the bottom left corner of the screen when an arrow will appear, click this to display the menu as below:

You can use the Next and Previous options to move backwards in the same way as pressing N and P.

If you select the Go option you can choose either Slide Navigator, By Title or Custom Show.

The Meeting Minder brings up a window where you can record notes about agreed actions while presenting your show.

The Speaker Notes  option from the slide menu displays a window containing the notes you have made for that slide.

Choose Speaker Notes to view your notes for the slide.

The Pointer Options  allow you to change your mouse pointer shape or to activate the pen. It is actually quite difficult to write with a mouse but you may manage to circle things on your presentation using the pen .

If you click on the Screen option you can choose to change your screen to a plain black screen, you may want to do this while you talk about something else if you do not want to leave the current slide visible.  If you have a suitable pointing device you can use the pen tool to write on the black screen like a blackboard. Another option under the Screen item is Erase Pen , select this to rub out all your pen marks on the slide.

The End show  option finishes the slide show and returns you to the PowerPoint editing window.

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