Rehearsing Slide Timings

Although you can set the amount of time a slide is displayed when you are setting up the slide transitions in Slide Sorter view it is often difficult to gauge how long the slide should be displayed for. Once you have set up all your slides it is a good idea to use PowerPoint’s timing rehearsal to check the amount of time each slide is displayed.  In Slide Sorter view, click the Rehearse Timings icon , your slide show will start to play and you will see the Rehearsal toolbar appear somewhere on your screen.

There is a ticking clock which shows the total presentation time at the right-hand end of the toolbar and the amount of time an individual slide has been displayed is shown in the middle of the toolbar.  As you advance the slides in the presentation by clicking your mouse on the slide or clicking the *  icon, PowerPoint will record the amount of time that slide was displayed.  If you want to pause the recording of timings, click the pause icon . To repeat a particular slide click the  icon. 

When you have finished rehearsing your presentation, PowerPoint will tell you how long it took and ask whether you want to save these timings.

Click Yes and you will be returned to the Slide Sorter view. Notice the timings displayed at the bottom of each slide.

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