Pack and Go

If you are going to copy your presentation onto another computer e.g. a laptop so you can take it away with you there is a danger you may forget to copy over all the associated files. To overcome this problem, PowerPoint provides the ‘Pack and Go’ facility which will convert your presentation into one setup file that can then be extracted after you have copied it onto the laptop.

There are two stages to Pack and Go, you first need to pack the presentation, this produces a file that will be able to copy all the required files to the location you are moving your presentation to (e.g. your laptop's C: drive).  The second stage is to unpack your presentation, this places all the necessary files in the right location so you will have everything you need when you take your presentation 'on the road'.

To pack a presentation, first connect your laptop to your network and log on as yourself. Open your presentation and make sure you have set the Slide Show setup options so that your show displays in the way you want, Pack and Go bases its presentation on the Slide Show Setup, when it is run it will not necessarily show all the slides in the presentation. It is a good idea to view your show and rehearse the timings before you use Pack and Go. 

When you are happy with your show, click on the File drop-down menu and choose Pack and Go, the Pack and Go Wizard is displayed. Click Next to start the Pack and Go process.

On the next screen you will be asked if you want to pack the active presentation or other presentations.

As we are packing the current presentation, click Next and you will be asked where you want to store the packed presentation.

Click the Browse button and choose a folder on your laptop’s C:\ drive, it is important to put the presentation on the C:\ drive if you are going to a remote location as you will not have access to the network’s drives. 

The next screen asks whether you want to include linked files and to embed TrueType fonts in your packed presentation, you should tick both of these boxes if you want to be sure that your presentation will look exactly as you have designed it.

Click the Next button and you will be asked whether you want to include the PowerPoint viewer, this is a viewer that can be used by a computer that doesn’t have PowerPoint installed. If you already have PowerPoint on your laptop you do not need to use the viewer.

Click Next and you will be taken to the final screen of the wizard. Check that the destination folder is correct and click the Finish button.

It may take several minutes for PowerPoint to pack your presentation, when it has done this you will see a message telling you that it has been successful.

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