Organisation Charts

PowerPoint 2000 has a useful Organisation Chart tool which you can use to easily create hierarchical diagrams.  If you choose an organisation chart AutoLayout then your slide will already contain an organisation chart object. 


To add extra boxes to your chart, click on the box you want to connect to and then click one of the buttons at the top of the screen, these are labelled Subordinate, Co-worker, Manager and Assistant.  When you have added boxes you can change the text in them by clicking on the areas shown in the boxes.

You can change the colour and other properties of lines, boxes and text by selecting the items and clicking on the Text, Boxes or Lines menus. If you want to select several boxes together so you can format them at once you should hold down your Shift key while clicking on the boxes.  The Chart drop-down menu allows you to change the background colour of the chart.

If you have problems getting the layout you require for your organisation chart you can use the autoshapes to create a chart manually.

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