Creating a New Slide

You can add new slides in any view.  In Slide, Outline and Notes Page views, PowerPoint inserts a new slide after the selected slide. If you click on a slide in Slide Sorter view, PowerPoint will insert the new slide after the selected slide.  If you click your mouse between two slides in Slide Sorter view, a line will appear between the slides and the new slide will be inserted at that point. You can insert a new slide by clicking on the Insert drop-down menu and selecting New Slide or by clicking on the New Slide icon on the standard toolbar at the top of the Slide Sorter window.  You can also press CTRL + M to insert a new slide. 

Click on the AutoLayout you would like and then click OK.  The new slide will be added to your presentation and you can now add content to it.  Note that you should only use the Title Slide AutoLayout (the top left corner image) for the first slide in your presentation otherwise you may find that not all your slides are formatted to look the same when you change the Slide Master. Use the Title Only or Blank layouts if you do not want bullets, images, tables, charts, etc on your slide. 

When you have chosen to insert a new slide you will see a window where you can select the layout for the new slide.

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