Adding Movies

If you have a movie saved as a .mpg or .avi file then you can insert it in your presentation so that it either plays immediately the slide appears or when somebody clicks on its icon.  If you choose the click on icon method then PowerPoint will always display a standard icon for the movie, you can improve on this by using a hyperlink on the previous slide to start playing the movie, giving an alternative button if somebody wants to skip playing the movie. 

To insert a move onto a blank title slide, click on the Insert drop-down menu and choose Movies and Sounds and then Movie from File.  PowerPoint does provide a library of clip art images and movies you can use instead but it is quite likely that you will want to use your own file.

Navigate to the folder containing your movie, PowerPoint will only display files that have a recognised movie extension such as .mpg or .avi.  Click on the filename of your move and click the OK button.

You will now be asked whether you want your movie to run automatically when the slide appears, click Yes if you are going to use a hyperlink slide to activate the movie slide.

Your movie now appears on the slide as a box.  You can use the corner handles to re-size the box and can display guides to help you align the image by clicking on the View drop-down menu and choosing Guides. Do not use the side handles to size the box or your movie may end up looking rather squashed. 

Your movie will now play as soon as this slide is displayed in the slide show. You can alter whether the movie plays automatically or on a mouse click by changing the custom animation settings.

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