Adding Slides from Another Presentation

You can also add extra slides to your presentation by importing  existing slides from another presentation.  In any PowerPoint view, click on the slide before the point where you want to add the extra slides and then click on the Insert drop-down menu and choose Slides from Files.  Click on the Browse button at the top of the window and you can then browse for the presentation file you want to import from. 

When you have selected the file and clicked Open you will see slides from the presentation in the Slide Finder window as below:

Click on the slides to select them. There is a scroll bar at the bottom of the window so you can move through the presentation to find the slides you require.  You can click on more than one slide to select them, if you click on a slide in error just click it again to de-select it.  If you prefer to see a list of slide titles you can click on the icon at the right-hand side of the window and you will see a list as below:

If you use the list method to insert slides you will need to hold down your CTRL key while clicking on the slides to select more than one slide.  The list view can be useful when you want to insert a whole group of adjacent slides as you can hold down your SHIFT key while clicking the first and last slide of the group to select the whole section. For instance, to insert slides 3-7 inclusive you can click on slide 3, hold down SHIFT and then click on slide 7 while keeping SHIFT held down, this will highlight all the slides from 3 to 7 inclusive.  There is an Insert All button at the bottom of the window that you can use if you want to insert all the slides in the presentation. 

When you have finished, click the Insert button and the selected slides will be added to your presentation after the current slide. Click the Close button when you have finished inserting slides.

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