Using Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks can be very useful in PowerPoint to allow users to control the path a presentation takes.  With a bit of planning you can allow people to jump around your presentation and can add extra slides for those needing further elaboration on the points you are making. In our presentation we have a movie on slide 2 that we may want to allow some people to skip. Although we could set the movie to play on a mouse click, the icon displayed is rather bland.  By using a hyperlink from the previous slide we can make our own ‘Play movie’ icon and can also give the viewer the option of skipping to the next slide or even diverting to other related information before continuing with the slide show.

First, we will make a copy of slide 2 by going to Slide Sorter view and holding down CTRL while dragging slide 2 to the gap between slide 1 and slide 2, the slide sorter will now show 2 copies of slide 2.  We can then return to Outline View and edit the new slide 2, our original slide is now slide 3.

When you have added your shape or text that you want people to click on, click on the shape or highlight the text and either press CTRL and K together or click your right mouse button over the selected object and choose Hyperlink from the menu that appears. 

The hyperlink window now appears, if you want to jump to another slide make sure you have selected Place in this document on the left-hand side of the window.

Select the slide you want to jump to and then click OK.  In this situation it is a good idea to add another button allowing the person to skip the video and jump straight to slide 4, the finished slide would look something like this :

You can also use PowerPoint’s Action Buttonsto add buttons that will hyperlink to other slides. 

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