Copying Formats to Other Objects

If you want to copy the format of one section of your slide show to another then probably the easiest way is to use the Format Painter   which is found on the Standard toolbar.  To use the Format Painter in PowerPoint you should be in Normal or Outline View so that you can use the Outlining Pane to copy your formats.  Do not click on the image of the slide itself to copy the formats, only use the Outlining Pane. 

To copy the format of, say, a bulleted list on a slide you should click anywhere within some bulleted text on the slide you want to copy from. Now click the Format Painter and immediately highlight the text in the outlining pane that you want to apply the format to. If you only click the Format Painter once the format will only be remembered for one application of highlighting with your mouse.  If you double-click the Format Painter it will remember the format and you can keep applying it by highlighting with your mouse until you click the Format Painter icon or press the ESC key to turn it off. 

Another way to copy formats is to use your F4 key to re-apply the last format you applied. For instance, if you have just highlighted a list of items and clicked the bullets icon to add bullets you can now highlight a different list and press your F4 key and bullets will be applied to that list as well.  If you have just used the Format drop-down menu and Font to set a number of different options for a font (e.g. underline, bold, italic, font face, size, colour) at once then if you highlight some new text and press F4 all the options you set in this window will be applied to the highlighted text. 

In Slide Sorter View, you can use the Format Painter to copy the colour scheme from one slide to another but it will not format the text within the slide. If you have just applied an animation to a slide in Slide Sorter view you can use F4 to apply the same animation settings to other slides.

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