Changing the Format of Your Slides

It is fairly easy to change the look of your text, etc, using the Formatting toolbar which should be displayed at the top of your PowerPoint screen. If you cannot see the Formatting toolbar, click on the View drop-down menu and choose Toolbars.  If there is no tick beside the word Formatting , click on the Formatting option to display the toolbar.  If there is already a tick beside Formatting, your toolbar is displayed somewhere on the screen already. 

The Formatting toolbar contains icons to help you format your text and animate the slide objects.  Remember to select the text you want to format before clicking these icons by highlighting it.

When the Formatting toolbar is docked at the top or bottom of the screen you will also see extra boxes which allow you to change the font face and font size:

To get full access to all the settings for formatting text you should highlight the text and then click on the Format drop-down menu and choose Font. This brings up a window where you can set extra options for your text such as superscript, subscript and the colour of the text.

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