Changing Line Thickness and Colour

To change the thickness of an individual line or the line around a shape, click on the line or shape and then click on the Line Style icon. A drop-down list of different line styles appears, if the options on this list are all greyed out you have not selected your shape or line correctly or this option is not available for that object.

If you click on the More Lines option at the bottom of the list you will be taken to the AutoShape’s Format window where you can set all the characteristics for the line including colour, dashes, thickness (weight) and line style. You can also set the dash style using the dash style icon  on the drawing toolbar.  If you want to totally remove the line around a shape then you can do this under the Line Colour icon. 

To change the line colour, click the small black arrow beside the Line  Colour icon and you will see various options. 

Again, you can choose from your publication’s colours or use More Line Colors to choose another standard or custom colour.  If you have a thick line weight you can use the Patterned Lines option to add a pattern to your line colour, if using a pattern you can set a foreground and a background colour for it.  If you do not want a line around your shape, choose No line from the top of this window.

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