Using The Drawing Tools

To add interest and life to your presentation it is good to use drawing objects and graphic files together with animation to bring them to life. With a bit of imagination you can present your point using animated boxes, lines, etc to create fancy effects. As an example, we are going to create a target from overlapping circles, we will later animate this to add interest. 

The drawing tools are found on the Drawing Toolbar which you may see at the bottom of your PowerPoint screen.  If you cannot see the Drawing Toolbar, click on the View drop-down menu and choose Toolbars and then Drawing.  

To draw a shape or line, click on the shape or line icon on the Drawing Toolbar (or choose an AutoShape from the AutoShapes section).  Now click on the slide and hold down your left mouse button while dragging out the shape to the correct size. 

There are a few techniques you can use to help you get more neat shapes: 

To draw an exact square or circle, hold down SHIFT while dragging out the shape 

To draw an object from the centre and not from the corner, hold down CTRL while dragging out the shape 

To draw an exact circle from the centre outwards, hold down SHIFT and CTRL together while dragging out the circle.

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