Creating a Custom Slide Show

If you only want to select certain slides to include in your presentation and these slides are not all next to each other you will need to create a Custom Show before setting up your slide show. To create a Custom Show , click on the Slide Show drop-down menu and choose Custom Show.

Click the New button and enter a name for your custom show at the top of the window. Select the slides you want to add to your custom show and click the Add button to put them in the custom show box on the right-hand side of the window.  You can change the order of these slides by clicking on a slide and then using the up and down arrows to adjust its position.

When you have set up your custom show, click the OK button and this slide sequence will be saved so you can use it when setting up your show.  Click the Close button on the Custom Show window and you will be returned to your presentation.

When you have created a custom show you can choose to run that show by using the slide navigation menu when running your presentation.

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