Customising a Colour Scheme

If the colour schemes you are offered are not suitable you can use the Custom tab at the top of the Colour Scheme window to set your own colours for the components of the colour scheme.  Before you do this, you should click on a scheme in the Standard section of the window that is closest to the colour scheme you would like, that way you will have to make fewer modifications. 

When you have selected an existing colour scheme, click on the Custom tab and you will see the colours of the various components for this scheme.  To change a colour, click on the coloured box on the left-hand side of the window and click the Change Colour button at the bottom of the window. 

The Fill Colour window will appear as above. You can either choose a basic colour from the Standard section of this window or click on the Custom tab where you can create your own colour.  When you are happy with the colour you have set, click OK and you will be returned to the Colour Scheme window.  Continue changing the colours until you are happy with the way your colour scheme looks, when you have finished click the Add As Standard Scheme button and the new colour scheme will be added to the Standard section of the Colour Scheme window.

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