Animating Slides

If you do not apply animation  each of your slides will just appear as a basic screen each time the slide show is advanced. To add interest and emphasis, PowerPoint provides a variety of animation effects that can be used to control the way objects appear on your slides.  We are going to animate a series of concentric circles so they gradually form into a target shape and then add a sound when the shape is completed. 

First we need to draw all the components for our slide. 

To add animation to the slide, click on any shape and then click your right mouse button over it and select Custom Animation from the menu that appears.

First, click beside each shape you want to animate to display a tick. If you want to apply the same effect to several shapes at once you can click on the Effects tab at the bottom of the window and then hold down your Ctrl key while clicking all the shapes you want to apply the effect to at the top of the window. The diagram will show the shapes you have selected. We have chosen the Zoom In From Screen Centre effect, you can click the Preview button to see what this will look like.

Although you have set up your effect it is likely that the shapes may not be appearing in the correct order.  To rectify this, click on the Order & Timing  tab at the bottom of the window.

It is a good idea to set the animation to advance automatically using the time settings on the right-hand side of the Order & Timing section. You should set the first slide to appear 00:00 seconds after previous event so that it appears immediately the slide is shown, otherwise there will be a delay.  Change the order of the shapes if necessary by clicking on the shape that is in the wrong place in the Animation Order box and then clicking the up or down arrows to move it.  You can preview your animation using the Preview button at the top of the window. 

You can add a sound to your animation using the Effects section of the animation window. We want to add a gunshot sound when the bullseye appears.

The Custom Animation window also has sections for animating charts and controlling multimedia effects.  You can also animate slide objects by bringing up the Animation Toolbar. 

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