Formatting Bulleted Lists

To change the style, colour or size of a bullet point click on the line of text beside that bullet point.  You cannot actually select the bullet itself, you have to apply the formatting to the text associated with that bullet.  Now click on the Format drop-down menu and choose Bullets  and Numbering.  A window appears where you can choose a new style, size or colour for your bullets.

If you click on the Picture button you will see a selection of graphic images that you can also use as bullets. The Character button allows you to choose any font character to use as your bullet point, the Webdings and Wingdings fonts have a nice selection of graphical characters you could use for this purpose.  Changing the style of bullets in this way does not automatically change the style of other bullet points that have already been typed, although if you add extra bullet points they will inherit the same style as the point from where you continued the list. If you want to ensure all slides use the same style of bullets you should set the bullet style on the Master Slide.

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