Bullets and Numbering  

Bullets are good for highlighting the essential points on your slides, you can also apply animation effects to items like bulleted and numbered points to make them appear one-by-one, etc.  To create a slide containing bullets you should select the Bulleted List AutoLayout when you add a new slide.  If you forget to do this and want to make an existing slide contain bullets you should click your right mouse button on the slide in Normal View and choose Slide AutoLayout from the list that appears.  You will now see the AutoLayout window:

When you have created the new slide you will see a box in the area where your bulleted text will appear, click in this box where indicated and you can now type your list of items, the bullets will be applied automatically.

To change your bulleted list to a numbered one, highlight the bullet points you want to change and click the numbering icon To convert a numbered list to a bulleted one you can highlight all the numbered items and click the bullets icon .  When you have finished typing your bulleted or numbered list you can click the bullets or numbering icon again to turn off the bullets or numbers.  When you have created a bulleted or numbered list you can apply formatting to change the layout of the list and the look of the bullets, etc.

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