Build Effects

Once the background of your slide has appeared, a build effect can be used to control the way in which the main text appears.  Obviously you may not want to apply a build effect if you have already animated your bullet points, etc but you may find this a quick and simple way of animating your text if you do not want to apply custom animations. 

Build effects are applied by using the drop-down list on the Slide Sorter toolbar. The effect will only be applied to the slide you have selected, if you want to apply the effect to all your slides you should select all the slides in Slide Sorter view by pressing CTRL and A together.  You can choose a few distinct slides to apply the same build effect to by holding you’re your CTRL key while clicking on the slides you want to select, selected slides have a darker black border around them in Slide Sorter view. 

You do not have as much control over build effects and their timing, you just choose an effect from the list and it is applied.  The slide will appear in whatever way is set by the Slide Transition and then the text will appear as determined by the Build Effect.  You can see whether a slide has a transition effect and/or build effect/custom animation applied by looking at the symbols underneath the slide in Slide Sorter view.

You do not need to use animations, build effects and slide transitions if you are creating slides that are only going to be used as acetates, 35mm slides or paper handouts.

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