Changing the Slide Background

The Slide Colour Scheme can be used to change the background colour of your slides but if you want a textured, patterned or even a picture background you will have to apply it by clicking on the Format drop-down menu and choosing Background.  The Background window will appear as below.

Click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the colour box at the bottom of the screen and you will see the list shown below .

The colours shown are the ones set in the Slide Colour Scheme, if you want to use a different colour you can click on More Colours and then choose a standard colour or make a custom colour.  If you click on Fill Effects you can choose to apply a gradient shading, a texture, a pattern or a picture. 

To create a gradient, choose how many colours you would like to use and then choose a type of gradient effect from the bottom of the window.

The textures are pre-set effects and colours, you cannot change the colours of these so they will be applied exactly as you see them.

The patterns provide a selection of striped and chequered effects. You can set the colours used in the pattern using the boxes at the bottom of the window.

The picture section allows you to browse for a picture stored on your hard drive and apply that as the background. Click on the Select Picture button and navigate to the folder where you picture is stored. When you have selected the picture it will be shown as in below.

When you have selected your background effect, click OK and you will be returned to the Background window. Click the relevant button to apply the background to all your slides or only the selected slide(s).

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