Adding Text to an Object

When you have added an AutoShape you can type text inside it in one of two ways, you can either place a text box on top of the shape and type your text in that or your can add the text to the AutoShape itself.  If you add text directly to an Autoshape the text stays with that shape and will also appear at the same time as the shape in any animation.  Using a text box overlay allows you to delay the appearance of the text in relation to the shape when animating your objects. 

To add text to an AutoShape, click your right mouse button over the shape and choose Add Text  from the menu that appears.  Type your text and it will appear inside the shape.  You can highlight the text and use the normal font formatting facilities to change the appearance of the text. More settings for the layout of the text are available if you click your right mouse button over the AutoShape and choose Format AutoShape.  Click on the Text Box section of the Format AutoShape window and you will be able to set margins, word wrap, rotation and other options for the text on your shape.

To place text in its own frame on top of a drawing object, click on the Text Box  icon  on the Drawing Toolbar. Drag out a box of the required size over your shape and then type your text inside the box.  You can now format this text as you would normally, you can also format the text box if required to remove line borders, remove fill, etc.  Don’t forget that if you move your shape you will have to move the text box as well.

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