Using Action Buttons

To display the Action Buttons make sure you are in Normal view and then click on the Slide Show drop-down menu and choose Action buttons, a palette of action buttons appears and you can choose a suitable picture for the button you want to add.

Click on the button you want to use and then drag out a shape on your slide where you want the button to appear.  As soon as you have drawn the shape the Action Settings window will appear so you can choose what you want to happen when the button is clicked.  There are already hyperlinks to next slide, previous slide, last slide, etc on the list of options under Hyperlink to, if you want to jump to a different slide choose Slide from the list and you will then see a list of all the slides in your presentation. You can also use action buttons like this to link to sound and movie files, this way you could let someone listen to an audio track if they wanted further details by clicking the action button. 

You could use these action buttons to give your viewers an easy way of moving backwards and forwards on every slide, if you want to apply the same buttons to every slide you should apply them in the Slide Master.  However, action buttons applied in the Slide Master do not appear on the first slide of your presentation as this is formatted using the Title Master.  To add buttons to the first slide you will have to either add them to the Title Master in the same way you did for the Slide Master or add them to the actual slide after you have edited the Slide Master.

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