Customising Folder Views

If you customise the view for a folder you can define settings so that it only displays certain items, this is useful if you only want to display the last fortnight’s e-mails for instance. To customise the view, click in the folder you want to change (e.g. Inbox) and then click on the View drop-down menu and choose Current View and then Customise Current View. A window appears showing a summary of the settings currently applied so you can change them.

By clicking on the buttons you can set various sorting and grouping options and change the font used for the folder.  To only display certain items you will need to apply a filter.  Click on the  Filter button and a window will appear where you can choose the conditions for displaying your e-mails.

We have set the filter to only display items received in the last 7 days.  The More Choices tab lets you choose items which fall in certain categories or messages of a certain size or urgency, etc.  When you have finished setting your filter, click OK and you will be returned to the summary window, click OK again and the view of your folder will have been changed. Don’t forget to take the filter off if you later need to see everything in your folder.

You can also access the view customisation by clicking on the Organise button at the top of your Outlook window, click on the Using Views link and you will be able to choose how you want to view your folder.

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