Assigning Tasks to Others

If you do not want to complete a task yourself and are using an Exchange Server you can assign it to somebody else.  To do this, either open an existing task or assign the task while you are creating it. This is done by clicking the Assign Task button at the top of the screen. 

When you click the Assign Task button a new To: line appears at the top of the task and you can click on the To button to choose an e-mail recipient in the same way as you would when creating an e-mail.

There are also a couple of tick boxes in the bottom half of the window to allow you to keep a copy of the task in your own task list so that it will be updated as the task is completed and you can use the Priority box to set High priority for urgent tasks.


When you have set up the task, click on the Send button. As you have assigned the task to somebody else you will be warned that you will no longer be the owner of this task. Click OK and the task will be sent.

When the recipient receives the task there are buttons available for them to accept or decline it.

When the Accept button is clicked a reply is sent to the originator of the task showing that it has been accepted.

This task is now placed in the recipient’s task folder when they accept it and they can update it as it progresses. If they declined the task it would be returned to you and you would become the owner of that task.  If you selected the option to keep an updated copy of the task it will be available in your own task list.

When the task is completed you will receive an e-mail from the current owner (the task could have been passed from one person to another in the meantime) telling you details about its completion.

When the task completion e-mail has been received, the task in your task list will be automatically marked off  as completed.

When a task has been marked as completed you can still open it to view the details of costs, etc.

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