Checking Spelling

You can check the spelling in your e-mail while you are creating it by clicking on the Tools drop-down menu and selecting Spelling or by pressing the F7 key. If a spelling mistake is found, Outlook will display a window containing possible alternatives as below.

Select the alternative you wish to replace the misspelled word with and click the Change  button to change it.  If the word that is found is correctly spelt but is not in the dictionary you can click the Add  button to add the word to your custom dictionary so that it is recognised in future. If you do not want to add a word to your custom dictionary but there is no error in it then click the Ignore  button to skip to the next spelling mistake or Ignore All  to ensure that all occurrences of that word are ignored.

If you click on the Options  button you can set various rules for Outlook to follow such as ignoring words containing numbers. A useful feature is to set Outlook to always run a spell check before an e-mail is sent, you can also set these options by clicking on Tools > Options in the main Outlook window and then setting the spelling options under the Spelling section of the Options window.

When Outlook has checked through the whole of your e-mail a message box will display telling you that the spelling check is complete. Click OK and you will be returned to your e-mail.

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