Creating a Signature

If you create a custom signature, you can set Outlook to automatically sign your e-mails for you. To create a signature, click on the Tools drop-down menu and choose Options.  Click on the Mail Format tab and you will see the window below.

Click on the Signature Picker button and then click the New button, a window appears where you can enter a name for the signature.

When you click on the Next button a window will appear where you can create your signature.

You can use the Font and Paragraph buttons to adjust the typeface and spacing if you have set your e-mail format to HTML and not just plain text. When you are happy with your signature, click on the Finish button and the signature will be saved. 

If you now choose this signature as the default signature in the Mail Format section of the Options window, Outlook will append it to all mail messages that you create. You can also choose whether or not you also want the signature used when replying to or forwarding e-mails.

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