Recurring Appointments

If you want to enter an appointment that occurs regularly on a certain day, for instance a team meeting that occurs  on the second Tuesday of every month, you can use the recurring appointment option.  Click the New button to create a new appointment and enter the Subject and Location. Now click the Recurrence button at the top of the appointment window  and you will see the window below.

In this window you can set the start and end times and how often the meeting happens.  If you choose Weekly you will be able to choose the day of the week and if you choose Monthly you can choose either a certain date in the month or every few months (e.g. day 20 of every 3rd month for a quarterly event) or, as in our example, a certain day in the month depending on which week it falls in. For yearly events you can either set a certain date every year or, for example, the third Monday of June every year. You can set the recurrence to last for ever or can limit it to a certain number of times or to stop on a certain date. When you are happy with these settings, click the OK button and this appointment will be placed in your Calendar on the dates and times calculated from these settings. 

When you edit a recurring appointment you are given the choice to either edit just that instance of it or the whole series.  If a recurring appointment cannot take place on one date (e.g. over Christmas week) you can open just that instance of it and delete it without affecting the rest of the recurring appointments.  If you need to change the recurrence (e.g. the meeting changes to a different recurring day of the month) you should open the whole series and use the Recurrence button to change the scheduling.

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