Using a Personal Folders File

If you are using Microsoft Outlook on a company server your e-mail will be held in an Exchange Server mailbox when it arrives in your Inbox. It is likely that you will have a restricted amount of space on this server for your Inbox and, if you are not careful, it may become overloaded and you will not be able to receive new e-mails from others.

In order to keep your e-mails without overloading the mail server you can create a Personal Folders File on your personal network directory to hold the e-mails you want to keep.  It is important to create this file on a drive that is regularly backed up, you should not use your computer’s C: drive as you will lose all your e-mails if your computer’s hard drive becomes corrupted.

To create a Personal Folders File, click on the File drop-down menu in Outlook and choose New and then Personal Folders File  (.pst) as below

A window will now appear where you can enter a name for your personal file and choose where it is stored.  Do not forget to ensure that it is on a drive that will be backed up!

When you click the Create button, your will be able to set a descriptive name for your personal folders and a password.

You do not have to set a password but if you don’t and others have access to the drive containing your personal folders file then they will be able to access your e-mails.  If you do set a password, be careful not to forget it as you will probably not be able to recover it!

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