Inviting Others to Meetings

When you are creating a meeting you can use the Invite Attendees button to invite others. When you click this button, a To: line appears at the top of the appointment window and when you click on this you can choose the contacts to invite as below.


When you click the OK button you will be returned to the appointment window and you can click the Send button at the top left to send all your invitations.

When one of your attendees receives their e-mail it contains buttons to accept or decline the invitation as shown below.

If you receive an invitation to a meeting and want to accept, simply click the Accept  button at the top of the e-mail, you will now be asked to confirm whether you want to send the reply now or whether you want to type anything in it.

The person organising the meeting now receives the responses like the one shown below.

If you are the meeting organiser and open the appointment in your calendar you can use the Attendee Availability  tab to see who has accepted or declined your invitations.

If you use the ‘Show attendee availability’ bullet in the window above you can view a summary of all your attendees’ calendars to see whether they are likely to be free.

If you are using an Outlook Exchange Server and want Outlook to automatically find a suitable time, place and date for your meeting you can open the calendar and use the Actions drop-down menu to plan a meeting. When you choose the Plan a Meeting  option you will see a screen like the attendee availability one. Use the Invite Others button to choose your attendees and resources (it is a good idea to choose several meeting rooms to put in the Resources section so that Outlook can easily find one that is free). Use the Autopick to find a time when All People and One Resource are free and, if you are happy with the time chosen, click the Make Meeting button.  If you do not want to choose the time Autopick finds, use Autopick again and it will find the next available slot for you. 

When you click the Make Meeting button you will be able to type the details of your meeting and send the invites to all the invited people.

When you have sent your initial invites you can use the Invite Others button on the Attendee Availability window to add extra invitations. 

If the time and/or date of your meeting changes you simply need to open the original appointment and change the start and end times. When you click the Save and Close button a message box will appear asking whether you want to send the updated details to everyone you have invited.  Alternatively, you can use the Attendee Availability window and the Autopick function to find a new time and date, if you are happy with this, click the Save and Close button at the top and Outlook will ask whether you want to send the details of the updated meeting to everybody.

Your attendees will now be able to accept or decline this updated invitation as well. Any previous responses to your invitations for this meeting will be cleared so you can start receiving replies again from scratch.

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