Using Notes

The Notes  facility allows you to create notes to yourself rather like the paper ones you might stick around your desk to give you reminders or quickly record details.  To access your Notes, simply click on the Notes shortcut icon and a folder with all your notes will be displayed.  To create a new not e, click on the New button at the top right-hand corner and a new yellow note will appear where you can type your message as below.

Each note is timed and dated automatically as it is created so you will be able to tell when you made that note by opening it, to open a note just double-click on it. 

Notes can be organised into categories in the same way as Contacts and you can change the view of the Notes folder using the Organize button. To choose a category, click your right-mouse button on the note to display the menu shown below.

You can now bring up the categories menu as for other items and choose the categories to which the note belongs. 

The same menu contains an option for changing the colour of your notes if you do not want to use the standard yellow, a delete option and a facility to forward the note to somebody else.

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