Creating Tasks

To create a new task simply click on the Tasks folder or its shortcut and then click the New button at the top left of the screen.  The New Task window appears as below and you can enter details of the task.

Make sure you set the Due date and Reminder so you will be warned if the task hasn't been done in time.  If you click on the Details tab at the top of the window you can enter more information about the task.

When you have finished creating the task, click the Save and Close button at the top of the window and your task will be added to the tasks list.

There is a tick box to the left of the task list, you can click on this box to indicate a task as completed.  If any columns are missing or if you want to add extra columns such as the start date then you will need to customise your task folder's view.

If you have to do a task on a weekly, monthly or annual basis then you may wish to set it up as a recurring task, as soon as you tick one recurring task as completed a new task is created for the next occasion that task is due.

If you are using an Exchange Server and want someone else to do your task you can allocate your tasks to others and keep track of how they are getting on.

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